California(CA) Daily Derby Power Picks

California Daily Derby Lucky Numbers
Use Power Picks when choosing your Daily Derby combinations, to enhance your chances of success when playing your favorite numbers. All you have to do is selecting your favorite numbers from the panel below and hitting the Create Combos button. Our system will instantly create Daily Derby number combinations using your favorite numbers. Once generated, you can have the combinations printed out for further use.

You have no favorite Daily Derby numbers? Here are some fun ways to experiment with choosing your favorite lottery numbers:

  • Use our Frequency Chart to find the top hot and cold numbers
  • Use our Overdue Chart to discover what numbers have not appeared in a while
  • Use our Skip and Hit Analysis to identify the numbers that are most likely to appear next
  • Use our Most Winning Pairs Chart to find what winning pairs have appeared most often in the past
  • Use our Least Winning Pairs Chart to find what pairs have been the least lucky in the past
  • Use our Number Association Chart to find the numbers most frequently being drawn together
  • Use your birthday or family members' birthday dates
  • Use any date that has importance for you, such as your wedding anniversary or your graduation date
  • Use the numbers on your license plate
  • Use the numbers on your street address
There are many other ways you can experiment to choose your favorite Daily Derby numbers and use our Power Picks to create your own winning combinations.

California Daily Derby Power Picks
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 California Daily Derby SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT
1st: 5-Texas Classic
2nd: 1-Gold Rush
3rd: 8-Gorgeous George
Race Time:
Tue May 28, 2024 Last 10 | Calendar | Search
Win Checker | Frequency Chart
California(CA) Daily Derby Latest Drawing Results
Next Draw: Wed May 29, 2024
Change: +$8,000

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